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Executive Realtors serves the St. Louis and St. Charles regions, providing top-tier client service in real estate. Founded in 2010 by real estate expert and former commercial pilot, Kevin A Wood, Executive Realtors has evolved to include a full staff of agents and a social media team, enabling the company to meet each client’s unique needs. Whether you need to buy or sell, our team makes the process as easy as possible. Expect high-quality and professionally staged images when working with Executive Realtors. We are committed to staying on top of market and industry trends and utilizing top-of-the-line technology, always rising above the competition. Executive Realtors has a A+ Rating with the BBB- Better Business Bureau.

“Let Former Airline Captain Kevin A. Wood safely land you in your new home!”

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Kevin Wood - Biography

With over 23 years of real estate experience and a customer-centered approach, Kevin A. Wood has served thousands of people in the St. Louis and St. Charles region. Kevin brings a level of knowledge and understanding to the market that you would expect from a good neighbor.

Before diving into his real estate career, Kevin soared high in the sky as an aviation pilot. Over the course of 2 decades, Kevin worked as a commercial airline pilot and flew advanced high performance corporate jets and cargo planes. Now fully committed to real estate, Kevin flies for recreation while maintaining his instructor pilot's license. With the precision and dedication he brings to aviation, Kevin tackles real estate challenges and makes the buying/selling process easy for his clients.

Kevin is not only a real estate broker but is also a member of the St. Louis Association of Realtors, the Missouri Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. He founded Executive Realtors in 2010, based in Des Peres, MO. In 2014, he acquired a real estate brokerage in Naples, FL which exposed him to a new market and new, high-impact marketing ideas. He now brings those concepts and tactics to the St. Louis market. When working with Kevin, you can expect high quality, professionally staged images. He has a dedicated staff of agents and a social media team, enabling him to meet each client’s unique needs.

Kevin is a St. Louis native who understands the region and the needs of his clients. Raised in a family-owned pharmacy, Kevin learned the importance of personal relationships and taking care of the customer from his father and grandfather. As a child, he cultivated a love for music and has played piano since age five. He has a passion for sports, especially golf, and is a standing member of the PGA.

Let former Airline Captain Kevin A. Wood safely land you in your new home!

Full Biography

Leading the third generation of the Wood family in the Kirkwood - Webster area, Kevin A. Wood brings a level of knowledge and understanding to the Real Estate market that you would expect from a good neighbor. This is only because Kevin and his family have quite literally been your neighbor and friend for decades running. The Wood family first put down roots in St. Louis in 1925 when Floyd E. Wood Sr. Purchased a storefront in Old Orchard, Webster Groves that would become the original Wood Rexall Drug Store. This location would flourish and serve the Webster Groves community for another 40 years. During this time, War with Japan in the Pacific broke out, calling away Floyd E. Wood, Jr.

Floyd E. Wood, Jr., son of Floyd E. Wood Sr. served on the aircraft carrier Antietam for the duration of his tour and return safely to his family and community in the Kirkwood - Webster area. Once home and settled in, Floyd E. Wood Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and opened Wood Rexall in Kirkwood in 1952, and keep the doors open for almost an additional 45 years. Floyd E Wood Jr., now the patriarch of his own family, had eight children of his own that would all at some point help run the Wood Rexall and serve their community as the previous generations had before them. One daughter, Barbara A. Wood, would go as far as to graduate from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and serve as the pharmacist at Wood Rexall, cementing the Wood family as the premier source of experience in the matter. Barbara would then go on to become a State of Missouri Pharmacy Inspector.

In addition to the Wood family pharmacy historical legacy, Floyd E. Wood Jr. pursued his investment aspirations in real estate while running a successful Rexall Drug Store. Floyd built numerous commercial buildings and worked on commercial land development projects, as well as investing in various single and multi family rental properties and completing total home renovations. While attending college, pursuing his flying career, Kevin joined his father’s efforts and passion in real estate by remodeling properties, managing rental property, and collecting rent payments from his father’s tenants. This was the early stages of Kevin’s grooming for success in real estate. Kevin followed in his father’s passion for real estate when Kevin’s flying career ended. Little did Kevin know that someday after his professional flying days would end, he would own multiple real estate companies and continue to work with his father, who is now over 90 years old and still remodels homes with Kevin and seeks his son’s advice on today’s real estate market, new ordinances, and municipal regulations.

Proving the Wood Lineage for serving their community, Kevin A. Wood would follow in his father’s footsteps in Aviation being accepted in 1987 as Pilot Candidate in the U.S. Air Force. Kevin took his first flight lesson at the age of 15 for only $20 out of Creve Coeur airport. Kevin would continue flying as commercial airline pilot for a slew of airlines, flew advanced high performance corporate Jets, cargo planes and was employed in various other flying positions for over 20 years. Kevin was trained also on the Boeing 727 as a Flight Engineer (2nd Officer) with Trans World Airlines (TWA). Kevin A. Wood would go on shepherding thousands of passengers across the country over the course of a successful flying career, before returning home to St. Louis.

Kevin currently maintains his flyting privileges by keeping current his Commercial & Instrument Multi-Engine Pilot ratings and flies for recreational purposes now as an accomplished pilot. Kevin also has a passion for playing golf and competed for several years chasing the PGA TOUR and also played on the Hooter’s Tour. Kevin is a standing member of the PGA, Kevin decided to continue serving his community how he knew best – Taking a cultural knowledge formed over generations and applying it to where he saw he could make a difference – Finding homes and businesses for his fellow neighbor. For over two decades now, Kevin A. Wood has been applying an understanding of the identity of St. Louis and its composition of neighborhoods with individual and unique personality-bases so that his customers not only find their ideal home – but their ideal community.

All in all, it has taken three generations of dedicated work and service to bring you the level of knowledge and commitment to excellence that Kevin A. Wood brings to the table with Executive Realtors.

Kevin is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Executive Realtor’s LLC based at Corporate Hill III located at 1610 Des Peres Road, Suite 150, Des Peres “St. Louis”, MO, Executive Referrals, LLC based in St. Louis, MO and Executive Premiere Realty based in Naples, FL.

Family History & Community Ties

Kevin A. Wood, Real Estate Broker - Serving Kirkwood, Glendale, Warson Woods, Des Peres, and Webster Groves for 23 years. Kevin was accepted into the U.S. Air Force as Pilot candidate in 1987 and had a successful airline career. Kevin is a St. Louis native who understands the region and the needs of his clients. Raised in a family-owned pharmacy, Kevin learned the importance of personal relationships and taking care of the customer from his father and grandfather. His grandfather, Floyd E. Wood Sr., owned Wood Drug Store in Old Orchard, Webster Groves from 1925-1965. His father, Floyd E. Wood, Jr., owned Wood Rexall in Kirkwood from 1952-1996 and served on the aircraft carrier Antietam. All 8 of Kevin’s siblings worked at the drugstore over the years. His sister, Barbara A. Wood, graduated from St. Louis College of Pharmacy and worked as a pharmacist at Wood Drug as well.


Work History

● President and CEO 
Executive Realtors LLC, Executive Referrals LLC, Executive Premier Realty, 06/10/2010-present

● Real Estate Agent 

● Real Estate Agent 
“Gundaker-Better Homes & Gardens” Gordon A. Gundaker Real Estate Company 10/22/1996-05/22/1998


Licensed Real Estate Broker, Naples, FL

Completed 2014

Licensed Real Estate Broker, St. Louis, MO 
Completed 1996

Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Graduated 1989

Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management

Activities & Achievements

● Quarterback on NCAA National Champions football team

● Involved with United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training

● Accepted as United States Air Force pilot candidate in 1989

Kirkwood High School, Graduated 1982 

Activities & Achievements:

● Quarterback on football team

● Elected to Student Council

● Award-winning yearbook staff member

● Newspaper staff member

Interests & Hobbies

● Current Active Member of the Professional Golfers Association of America

● Maintains professional piloting credentials, flies aircrafts for recreational travel

● Plays piano

● Enjoys gourmet cooking and traveling



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Kevin A. Wood
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